Edinburgh Skin Network

Research themes

Ed-SKIN members work primarily on the following 9 research themes: Wounds, Cancer, Fibrosis, Genetics, Infection, Inflammation, Materials and Sensors, Skin Health and Translational Medicine. In doing so, we contribute to the progress of basic and translational skin research, providing fundamental insights for the benefit of skin health, disease and personal care.

Ed-SKIN Research Themes

We thank Mr Emad Shaikh Iqbal for producing this figure in Canva.


Wounds theme members and overview

Materials and sensors

Materials and sensors members and overview


Fibrosis theme members and overview


Theme members and overview

Skin health

Skin health members and overview


Representation of DNA showing the double helix structure
Genetics theme members and overview


Microscopy image and photo of a cat showing infection
Infection group members and overview

Translational medicine

A pile of packets of pills of different colours and shapes
Translational medicine members and overview


Representations of skin inflammation in animals and humans
Inflammation theme members and overview