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Portraits of Dr Ross Dobie and Dr Rose Ruiz Daniels
Dr Ross Dobie and Dr Rose Ruiz Daniels


Farewell Dr Dobie

We say a fond farewell to Dr Ross Dobie, co-founder and co-chair of Ed-SKIN. 

Ross has been an absolute gem to work with and has been instrumental in working with Dr Jenna Cash to get Ed-SKIN going. Ross is leaving UoE to join Malvern Pananalytics at Nine in the BioQuarter.

We also welcome our new Deputy Chair, Dr Rose Ruiz Daniels! Rose works on Salmonid skin immunology in the context of sea lice resistance at the Roslin Institute.


Check out the latest review from the Radacsi group:

Combination of 3D Printing and Electrospinning Techniques for Biofabrication. (2022). Dan-Lei Yang, Fazal Faraz, Lie-Xin Wang, Norbert Radacsi  Advanced Materials Technologies. DOI: 10.1002/admt.202101309

Advanced Materials Technologies paper

Radacsi group page


SWEA has awarded £99,970 for a public engagement project called '2000 voices'. The purpose of the project is to amplify eczema patient voices and share their experiences of living with eczema. The project is over 3 years and it is a collaboration with Bev Hood, ASCUS Art & Science, Dee Davidson, Eczema Outreach & the Brown Lab .


Beverly Hood

The Brown Lab

ASCUS Art and Science


Portrait of Anabel Martinez Lyon and the Ed-SKIN logo
Dr Anabel Martinez Lyon who designed the Ed-SKIN logo

Ed-SKIN logo competition winner

Congratulations to Dr Anabel Martinez-Lyon who won the Ed-SKIN logo competition! Anabel is a CRUK Research Fellow working in the Boulter lab at the MRC Human Genetics Unit, Edinburgh University.