Institute for Regeneration and Repair


Research across the Institute

Centre for Regenerative Medicine

The Centre for Regenerative Medicine research is gaining a fundamental understanding of stem cells and regeneration and to use this to develop new models, diagnostics and therapies to improve human health. Image: Dr Mattias Malaguti.

Centre for Inflammation Research

Researchers in the Centre for Inflammation Research study the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory diseases

Centre for Reproductive Health

Reproductive health impacts the wellbeing of women and men throughout their lifespans. The Centre therefore aims to optimise lifelong health through interventions from pregnancy to death.

IRR Chemistry Hub

Various flasks and beakers filled with different coloured liquids
The IRR Chemistry Hub aims to magnify the impact of chemical and physical sciences in biomedicine and to accelerate the translation of molecules to humans.

Robert O Curle (ROC) Eyelab

Retinal Imaging
The ROC eyelab is a multidisciplinary clinical academic community focused on devising new diagnostics and treatments for blinding eye diseases.

Centre for Precision Cell Therapy for the Liver (PRaCTicAL)

PRaCTicAL will accelerate the translation of precision cell therapies for the liver, from the University bench through to adoption in NHS Scotland.

Edinburgh Skin Network

About the Edinburgh Skin Interest Network (Ed-SkIN)

Edinburgh Progenitor Cell Bank

The Edinburgh Progenitor Cell Bank (EPB) is a repository of lineage-committed progenitor cells differentiated from human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs).