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Realising regenerative therapies

IRR seeks to translate its research to develop new tools and treatments and has a strong track record in this area.

Regenerative medicine is an interdisciplinary approach that seeks to regenerate and repair diseased and damaged cells to restore normal function. Inflammation plays a critical role in the body's response to injury and repair of damaged tissue. Repair strategies range from stimulation of the body’s own repair processes to the transplantation of cells or tissue as well as the use of cells as delivery-vehicles for therapeutic agents. 

IRR is a leader in regenerative medicine, tissue regeneration and repair with a strong history in stem cell and inflammation research. IRR caries out world-class research that underpins discovery, invention and innovation in regenerative medicine to improve human health.

We are: 

  • creating novel tools to translate new biology knowledge to innovative therapies
  • using in house GMP facilities and access to patients to facilitate early phase clinical trials
  • providing access to cutting edge technology with expert technical and analytic support
  • a hub for academic expertise, investment and commercial development
  • training the next generation of tissue regeneration and repair specialis

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