Reflection Toolkit

Producing reflections

Information on a range of ways to reflect or produce reflections. This includes specific discussion about producing written academic reflections.

The video below provides a quick overview.  The subsequent sections provide relevant information, advice, and actions you can take.

Video: Producing reflections
An over view of ways to produce reflect, including producing written academic reflections.

Ways of reflecting

Reflection as a process can be applied in many different places. Reflection can happen in written form, in conversation with self, with others, and as a range of creative media.

Revisiting reflections

When producing reflections lots of value comes from revisiting the same experience multiple times.

Structured or free-form reflection

When producing reflections you can either choose a structured or free-form approach, or a combination of the two.

Academic reflections: tips, language and structure

Reflecting privately is different to providing academic reflections. This section provides guidance and tips on how to approach formal reflections, and the language and structure to use.