Reflection Toolkit

Long-form interviews

On this page you can find full interviews with people about their experience with reflection. Hear them talk about what came easy, what was hard, and provide examples of where they have reflected and how.

Catriona's experience of reflection

Hear Catriona finding the value of using reflection to improve an a series of skills in two Edinburgh Awards. She shares how reflection allows her to evidence hear learning and how that can be used to create effective applications and CVs.

David's experience of reflection

Hear David speak about his experience with reflection from being introduced in therapy to using it, to improve the Boxing Club at the University of Edinburgh. David talks about how reflection has allowed him to be more efficient when learning something new.

Kristy's experience of reflection

Kristy shares how she used reflection in the Edinburgh Award for Work Experience. She talks about how she gained a framework which she can use to reflect on different experiences to help find the meaning and value and how to link this to her employability.

Rachel's experience of reflection

Hear Rachel walk us through examples when she talks about her experience with reflection to improve the Trampoline Club at the University of Edinburgh. She shares how the first time she tried reflection she didn't find much value from it. Later, she realised that was because she didn't give it a fair chance. She now uses reflection actively to improve herself.

Sanjna's experience of reflection

Hear Sanjna talk about her experience with reflection from writing college applications to clearing her mind. Sanjna reminds us of the value of sometimes not using a model but just let the mind do what it wants and capture the learning and ideas from that. Her approach is similar to free-form reflection.

Vanessa's experience of reflection

Hear Vanessa speak about her experience with reflection from using it as a child to finding more structure in university - sometimes it is as easy as three simple questions. Vanessa has always reflected and uses it to make sense of the world.