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Freedom of information: the Right to Know

Briefing for all staff on the implications of freedom of information for your work.

This briefing for all staff, outlines the implications of the Scottish Freedom of Information Act for your work. It is especially relevant if you receive enquiries from students, the public or other stakeholders whether by email, social media, in person or in some other way.

Don't get caught out; join us and learn:

  • How to recognise an information request
  • How to respond to requests falling within your remit
  • When to contact your local freedom of information practitioner for assistance
  • Where to get further advice

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Download the handouts for this briefing:


*This briefing is also bookable in your location, for groups of 6 or more. If you would like to make a booking for a location near you please contact us with the names of the colleagues who wish to attend.