Records Management

Data protection training

Data protection training for all staff is available through Learn.

Under the University's Data Protection Policy, all staff have responsibility for data protection compliance in their day-to-day work. To keep up to date with these responsibilities, staff must complete the University's mandatory data protection training module.

Academics conducting research and the research support staff members must also complete the additional module “Data Protection Training for Research”. 

How to enrol

The course is in the University on-line learning environment, Learn.

University online learning environment, Learn [University login required]

Within Learn, find the [Self Enrol] tab, near the top of the page. 

Scroll down or search for the Data Protection Training. To enrol on the course, select the enrol button, then press ok. Once enrolled, this course will appear on your Homepage next time you log in.

Accessibility Needs

Every attempt has been made to ensure this course is as accessible as possible in line with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2. However, if for any reason related to a disability you are unable to complete this online training, please contact the Data Protection Officer on or phone 0131 651 4114 to arrange an alternative method of delivery.