Records Management

Determine retention period

How to determine a retention period for core committee records.

For core committee records consider how long:

  • will there be a continuing need for these records for current business processes?
  • are these records needed for future reference to document business process, decisions taken, or actions carried out?
  • are these records needed to fulfil legislative, regulatory or financial requirements?
  • are these records needed for accountability purposes?

Retention period matrix

Use the following matrix to decide on the retention period for your core committee records.

Answers of "Low" or "Very Low" indicate a short retention period.

Answers of "High" or "Medium" indicate the records should be kept.

To decide on the retention period consider how the answers would change over time. Consider what the answers would be: immediately after creation; after 6 months; after 1 year; after 2 years; after 5 years; after 10 years; after 20 years.

High Medium Low Very low
How likely is it that we will need the records again for business purposes?
How serious would the consequences be if we did not have the records?

General Council

The General Council retention schedule covers the administration of General Council business.

Next step

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