Records Management

Practical guidance

These pages provide general practical guidance on records management topics that to help University staff manage information they are responsible for.

These pages provide general practical guidance to help all members of staff.

This guidance covers general records management principles you should follow. Howevers you should always follow your departmental records management procedures. 

What to keep

Deciding what information needs to be kept.

Creating records

What to consider when creating records, especially about living identifiable people.

Organising records

How you should organise your records.

When to dispose

When you can dispose of information.

Managing emails

Avoiding overload and complying with legislation.

Naming conventions

Make finding electronic records easier.

Professional contributions by staff

Policy on records management and professional contributions by staff.

Leaving checklist for staff

This page provides a checklist for you to use when leaving the University or moving to a different job within the University.