Records Management

Introduce and review records management

Guidance and advice on establishing good records management practices in your unit, including the retention, preservation and storage of records.

This guidance is aimed at staff who are responsible for reviewing or establishing records management practices in their unit. If you need help with this, or advice on where to start please contact us. We can faciliate workshops for staff on key records management topics.

The two most important elements of any records management system are:

  1. Filing scheme
  2. Retention schedule

In most cases, we recommend units begin their records management implementation plan by reviewing or creating their filing scheme.

Filing scheme

Creating and managing systems to ensure your records are organised and accessible to those who need them.

Retention schedule

How to create or review a retention schedule to decide how long to keep records.

Mapping information

Identify the functions and activities of your unit, and the records created by those functions and activities.

Keeping records accessible

Ensuring records remain accessible as long as they are needed through storage and preservation strategies.

Records survey

How to conduct a records survey.

Legacy records

How to sort out electronic or paper legacy records