Records Management

Privacy notices

This guidance is for any member of University staff who needs to make sure they have a compliant ‘privacy notice’.

Check existing privacy notices

Consider whether the information you wish to convey is already detailed in one of the University’s existing privacy notices. If so, provide a link to the relevant privacy notice when communicating to a data subject how their personal data will be processed.

Main University privacy notices

Template privacy notices

We have designed templates for some of the most frequent functions that involve the processing of personal data. Adapt these templates as appropriate to make them suitable for your data processing activity.

Templates are available for the following activities:

  • Event Registration
  • Mailing lists
  • Schools
  • Research Grant Applications
  • Surveys
  • Photography and video

Wiki page template privacy notices: University log in required

Generic privacy notice template

If you need a privacy notice for a different purpose, customise the generic privacy notice template. The privacy notice comes in two parts. Customise the template (which comprises of five sections) and make it available to your data subjects.  An explanation of how to customise each part is linked to in the pages below. The second part is published on the University website and your customised privacy notice must include a link to it.

Generic privacy notice