Records Management

Dealing with subject access requests

Data protection legislation gives people the right to see personal information which the University holds about them. They exercise this right by making a subject access request.

What is a subject access request?

A request can be very broad such as, ‘give me a copy of all the information you hold about me’, or it can be very precise, such as ‘give me a copy of the letter you wrote about me yesterday’.

A subject access request must be in writing (including emails and faxes), so if someone makes a subject access request by telephone or in person you should ask them to put it in writing.

What to do with a subject access request

Guidance for all staff on handling subject access requests

What to do if you receive a subject access request.

Guidance for practitioners who have received a subject-access request

Step by step instructions on how to respond to a subject access request under the Data Protection Act.

Requests for copies of references

How to deal with requests for copies of references

If you have been asked to search your records

Follow this guidance if you have been asked to search your records