Records Management

What Records Management do

The Records Management Section supports the University's compliance with information legislation and the implementation of records management best practice.

Services offered

For members of the public

We coordinate responses to requests for recorded information under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 and Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations.

We also coordinate responses to requests for personal data made by individuals who have come into contact with the University.

For more information on how to make an information request please see:

For members of University staff

All University staff have information legislation responsibilities; we provide the following services and support:

  • Advice, guidance and training on records management, data protection and freedom of information matters
  • Procedures and advice on responding to non-routine requests for information
  • Guidance and support to ensure the way you handle information about people complies with data protection requirements
  • Support to help you implement records management best practice

Our website contains guidance to help you with these topics please see:

 For guidance on dealing with personal data:

  • Data protection

For advice on freedom of information including handling requests

  • Freedom of information

For tips on managing records and why it's important, including our retention schedules which explain how long you need to keep documents

  • Records management


If you can't find the guidance you need on our website, or you have a specific problem, please contact us with your enquiry. When we receive your enquiry it will be logged and assigned to a member of Records Management Section staff. We aim to acknowledge all enquiries within a week.

We also

  • Develop policy, for example guidelines on disclosure of information about staff and students
  • Contribute to external policy debate on information legislation issues to influence regulators and legislators
  • Run a records management system used by key University units