Sackler Centre for Developmental Psychobiology

Life-long development and ageing

Why do some people develop serious mental and physical health problems as they get older?

Older man in shadow

The focus of our group is to identify the reciprocal relationships between lifelong development, ageing and human health, and why this leads some people to develop serious mental and physical health problems.

We undertake longitudinal studies of individuals from before birth, through adolescence, adulthood and old age to identify the causal events and sensitive time periods for the development of resilience, on the one hand, or ill health on the other.

The samples used in our analyses include the Theirworld Edinburgh Birth Cohort, Generation Scotland, UK Biobank, the  Six Day Sample and the Lothian Birth Cohorts of 1921 and 1936.

We work closely with colleagues from across Medicine, the Arts and Humanities.


Principal investigator

James Boardman (development)

Stuart Ritchie (ageing)


Team members/collaborators

Dr Simon Cox

Prof Ian Deary

Prof Andrew M McIntosh

Prof David Porteous


Key publications

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