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The Sackler Centre for Developmental Psychobiology researches how development and ageing affects mental health and wellbeing across the lifespan. We use genetic, cellular, imaging and clinical methods to advance our research aims.


Mission statement

The Centre's mission is to identify the routes and mechanisms leading from development and ageing to the onset of mental illness. We seek to prevent or ameliorate mental illness, determining the mechanisms by which it develops and we seek to find ways to improve people’s resilience to ageing and stressful life events. 

The Centre seeks to provide an outstanding environment for interdisciplinary research training in psychiatry, psychology and brain sciences.


Scientific objectives

  • Advance knowledge through research into the causes of mental illness, its treatment and consequences.
  • Advance knowledge through research into the factors and mechanisms conferring resilience to mental illness and its consequences.
  • Maintain, develop and exploit human UK-based cohort studies to explore developmental and lifecourse influences on mental illness and resilience. 



The Sackler Centre in Edinburgh is funded by a generous gift from the Sackler Family. Originally, the Dr Mortimer and Theresa Sackler Foundation - and latterly, the Sackler Trust - supported a Centre for Developmental Psychobiology to be based jointly at the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow. Further details can be found on the Charity Commisision website.


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