Division of Psychiatry

Contact & travel information

If you would like to learn more about the study and/or consider taking part, please contact a member of the research team.



Barbara Duff

Research Assistant

Tel: 0131 537 6675     

E-mail: barbara.duff@ed.ac.uk

Kate Cotton

Research Assistant

Tel: 0131 537 6656

E-mail: kate.cotton@ed.ac.uk



Helen Lemmon

Study Co-Ordinator

Tel: 01224 557959

Email: helen.lemmon@abdn.ac.uk

Joanna Rodzinka-Pasko

Research Assistant

Tel: 01224 557749

Email: j.rodzinka-pasko@abdn.ac.uk



Mental Health Team

Glasgow CRF

Tel: 0141 232 7630

Email: GG-UHB.MentalHealthTeamGGC@nhs.net




Tessa Coupar

Research Nurse

Tel: 01382 383474

Email: tcoupar@nhs.net