The Director and the co-applicants shall comprise the Board.

All board members are experienced PhD supervisors and will be responsible for:

  • assuming the duties of Sponsor
  • selection of fellows
  • appointment of supervisors and clinical mentors
  • scientific review of project proposals
  • monitoring of progress of individuals
  • audit of the scheme

The Board has representation from each University and PG Deanery, as well as the other medical PhD portfolio programmes in Scotland (MRC SCP3, STMTI ECAT and DCAT). These appointments will facilitate benchmarking, sharing of best practice and monitoring of the supervisor pool.

Board members

Board meetings

The Board will meet regularly and will report annually to the Universities’ Graduate Schools and Research Committees, and the Postgraduate Deaneries.

A representative of the MRF/MRC will also make regular site visits and provide external guidance.