Yu-Mei Li

PhD Psychology

Undergraduate teaching

Psychology 2 (Year 2, 2015-2017)

Critical Analysis (Year 3, 2015-2018)

Challenge week (October 2015)

Activity week (February and October 2017)

School of Philosophy, Psychology, and Language Sciences (PPLS) Writing Centre appointments (2017-2018)

Psychology Outreach and Engagement (2019)

Research summary

My current PhD project uses Experience Sampling Methodology (ESM) to study major depression (MD) with a goal to enhance our understanding of MD. ESM opens a way to study symptom dynamics, which cannot be observed in other types of assessments. This approach enables us to view MD as a dynamic system rather than a static one. The results may increase our knowledge of MD and enlarge our scope of viewing MD as a volatile state rather than a disorder with a list of set symptoms.

Conference details

Poster presentations

Li, Y-M & Mõttus, R. (2018) Relationships between major depression symptoms and circadian rhythm. The 26th Congress of the European Psychiatric Association. 3rd-6th March, 2018. Nice, France.

Li, Y-M & Bates, T. C. (2015) Affective Forecasting Under Uncertainty: Do people know what’s good for them?. The 6th Annual British Society for the Psychology of Individual Differences Conference. 10th April, 2015. York, UK.


The Scottish Mental Health Research Network Annual Scientific Meeting on Mental Health Research in the Digital Age.  4th Oct 2016. Edinburgh, UK.