Yibo Wang

Thesis title: Liyuan Opera Lizhi Ji: New Materials, Bibliographical Studies and Stories


Yibo Wang is  a Phd student in China studies at the University of Edinburgh. She obtained her bachelors’ degree on Chinese classics and classical bibliography from Peking University, China. 

Research summary

Bibliographical studies on Chinese classics; classical Chinese operas and novels of the Ming and the Qing Dynasties.

Current research interests

Liyuan Opera梨园戏 in the Ming and the Qing Dynasties.

A Research of the Computational Stylistics on “Xiyouji” 

12th Chinese Classical Drama and Novel Classics and Digitization Conference, Shanghai

A Brief Research on Wan Jin Hui Yin万锦徽音: A Unique Opera Anthology Published in the Ming Dynasty and Stored in the National Library of Scotland  

British Association for Chinese Studies Annual Conference 2015, Leeds