Yao Xiao

Thesis title: Interagency collaboration and China’s institutional reform in the local food safety supervision system


2010-2014  Bachelor of Laws                                School of Government, Peking University

2014-2016  Master of Management Science    School of Government, Peking University

2017-            PhD student in Chinese studies    School of  LLC, University of Edinburgh

Research summary

Yao's previous research covers multiple areas of Chinese politics and society, including the environment, the state-owned enterprise, and non-government organizations. Currently, he is interested in institutional reform and food safety regulation in local China, which are the topics of his Ph.D. thesis.

Current project grants

2019 Tweedie Exploration Fellowship
2019 Universities China Center London Grants

Papers delivered

“A Comparative Analysis of Different Strategies to Provide Sufficient Personnel for the Grassroots Food Safety Regulatory Office in China.” The 23rd biennial conference of the European Association for Chinese Studies, Leipzig, Germany (August 2020)

“Using Interagency Partnerships as Methods to Avoid Food Safety Accidents in the Traditional Banquets in China’s Rural Areas: Analysis Based on the Case Study in Zhi County.” The 23rd biennial conference of the European Association for Chinese Studies, Leipzig, Germany (August 2020)

With Shenghao Guo, "We Can Accept “Doing More” but Not “Getting Less”: How Would Civil Servants Maintain Work Engagement with Increasing Working Hours and Reduced Salary." The 2020 Public Management Research Conference, Hawaii, USA (June 2020)

"Ineffective Political Campaigns or Remarkable Strategies for Network Management: Revaluate the Joint Regulatory Actions in China's Local Food Safety Supervision." The 70th British Political Studies Association Annual Conference, Edinburgh, UK (April 2020)

“Why Problems in Interagency Collaboration in China’s Food Safety Regulation Are Difficult to Solve: Answers from the Historical Review of the Collaborative Mechanism.” The Work-in-Progress Seminar in Asian Studies, Edinburgh, UK (December 2019)

"Enhancing the Willingness to Cooperate, Improving Collaborative Networks, and Problem-Solving Capability: the Performance Assessment on the Institutional Reforms in China’s Local Food Safety Regulation." The 7th Cross-Strait Academic Forum on Public Governance, Beijing, China (October 2019)

“Getting the Party back to the Frontline of Governance: the Regime of Shared Responsibility in Local Food Safety Regulation in China.” British Joint East Asian Studies Conference 2019, Edinburgh, UK (September 2019)

“The Residents’ Committee and the Villagers’ Committee in China’s Local Food Safety Regulation.” 2019 British Postgraduate Network for Chinese Studies Annual Conference, Cambridge, UK (June 2019)

“Collaborative Networks in Food Safety Regulation: The Food Safety Committee and its Executive Office at the Local Level.” The Work-in-Progress Seminar in Chinese Studies, Edinburgh, UK (May 2019)