Xueting Ban (PhD Candidate)

Thesis title: Pragmatic competence and professional teaching performance: a longitudinal mixed-method study


Xueting Ban is a PhD candidate at The University of Edinburgh. Her research interests include applied linguistics, pragmatics, corpus linguistics, language testing and teacher evaluation. 


Bachelor of Arts- English Education, Liaocheng University (2015-2019)

Master of Arts- Education International, The University of Manchester (2019-2020)

Doctoral program- Applied Linguistics, The University of Edinburgh (2021- till now)


Postgraduate teaching

Associate Tutor (Dissertation Supervisor) in MSc Language Education and TESOL


Research summary

Her current research interests include applied linguistics, pragmatics, corpus linguistics, language testing and teacher evaluation. 

Past research interests

Her previous research interests include internationalisation of higher education, UK international education policies, international student recruitment, student mobility and doctoral education. Links: https://www.research.manchester.ac.uk/portal/en/researchers/xueting-ban(95505017-495b-49ac-8c01-4eeb1eaafa20).html

Project activity

Covid and Chinese and East Asian University Students in the UK: Safety, Security, and Communication | Co-investigator

- Project link: Http://studentsscuk.wixsite.com/online/the-project

Volunteering in the UK and China | Research assistant

- Project link: https://www.mci.manchester.ac.uk/research/ongoing-research-projects/volunteering/


Conference details

Learning and Teaching Conference 2023, ‘Investigate, inquire, innovate: exploring research-informed teaching practice' | Experiencing and Researching SoTL | 27th Jun 2023 | Presenter: Xueting Ban

-Link: https://universityofedinburgh.eventscase.com/EN/learningandteachingconference2023

China and Higher Education Conference Series: China and Higher Education Network | 7th Dec- 11th Dec 2020 | Chair: Xueting Ban 

-Link:  https://chinahe.wordpress.com/home-2/chinahe20-conference-schedule/


Ban, X. (2023). ‘From international PGR students to international GTAs: Academic rationales for international GTA recruitment in UK higher education institutions.’ Postgraduate Pedagogies Journal, Vol 3 (2023), pp. 18-70. Available at: https://journals.studentengagement.org.uk/index.php/gtateach/article/view/1205

Lim, M. A., Li, H., Yu, J., Ban, X., Levy, K., Li, B., & Wang, A. (2022). COVID 19 incidents against Chinese and East Asian Students in the UK: Safety Security and Communication. HERE@Manchester. Available at: https://www.research.manchester.ac.uk/portal/en/publications/covid-19-incidents-against-chinese-and-east-asian-students-in-the-uk(665b5747-4da5-45f3-b1be-fb0924cb04e3).html