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Name Role Business unit(s)
Elisa Vivaldi
Elisa Vivaldi Tutor in Italian
Anna Vives Teaching Fellow in Spanish
Erik Vlaeminck PhD student, Russian Studies
Anh Van Vo Postdoctoral Researcher
Sam Vo PhD Psychology
Mikhail Vodopyanov Construction of Memory of the Soviet Past in Tatyana Tolstaya's Nonfiction
Thanasis Vogogias Scientific Software Engineer
Dr Prerna Vohra Lecturer in Microbiology
Jovan Vojnovic Teaching Fellow
Jacques-henri Vollet Visitor Philosophy
Frédéric Volpi Professor
Alexander Vonderschmidt
Dr Gary Vos Teaching Fellow
Anna Votsi EFI Research Proposals Manager
Annie Vozar Contracts Manager
Barbara Vrachnas Tutor
Giorgos Vrakas
Miss Christina Vrettou Research Assistant
Mila Vukomanovic iAtlantic Project Manager