Vicki Madden

Digital Safety Support Officer


Vicki joined the Digital Skills and Training Team in the Information Services Group (ISG) as the newly appointed Digital Safety Support Officer in November 2019. She was previously a student at the University of Edinburgh and attained her PhD in English Literature in January 2020. Prior to joining Digital Skills and Training, Vicki worked as the Digital Recruitment and Marketing PhD Intern in the Learning, Teaching and Web Services Directorate of ISG.

Vicki's current responsibilities include developing events and open resources aimed at safeguarding University of Edinburgh students against online threats. She is spearheading ISG's #DigitalCitizen campaign to promote the responsible use of technology across campus and designing more online materials in line with the shift towards hybrid learning and teaching. She is passionate about promoting equality, diversion and inclusion in higher education and also co-convenes the monthly ISG Reading Group.

To learn more about Vicki's academic research and activities in English Literature, please visit her PhD student profile at


PhD English Literature (2020)