Dr Vicky MacRae



Positions available

PhD studentship opportunities

Projects are available for individuals with self arranged funding, who are able to meet University tuition fees and living expenses through dedicated fellowships and/or private means. Please contact Dr Vicky MacRae (vicky.macrae@roslin.ed.ac.uk) for details.


2001Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), University of Edinburgh, College of Medicine Growth associated and stress-induced myopathies in the domestic chicken (Gallus domesticus)1997Bachelor of Science, University of Edinburgh

Responsibilities & affiliations

The Roslin Institute Seminar Committee

The Roslin Institute Animal Welfare and Ethics Committee

The Bone Research Society Committee

Undergraduate teaching

Cell motility lecture and tutorials in The Animal Body (I) (1st year BVMS)

Supervision of postgraduate, honours and summer student research projects.

Research summary

Investigating new mechanisms of bone formation and vascular calcification.

Current research interests

Our group undertakes research in bone formation and vascular calcification. We examine the mechanisms of differentiation and calcification in growth plate chondrocytes, osteoblasts, vascular smooth muscle cells and valvular interstitial cells. Our research employs transgenic models and clinical samples and utilises use a range of molecular, histological and imaging techniques. The elucidation of new mechanisms of bone formation and vascular calcification may identify new potential therapeutic targets in human and animal disease.

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