Vicki Trowler (PhD Graduate 2016)

Thesis title: Nomads in Contested Landscapes: Reframing Student Engagement and "Non-Traditionality" in Higher Education


Researcher, manager, planner, problem solver and activist, thriving on challenge and change in an ongoing quest to understand and transform the world. 

Research summary

  • student engagement
  • social justice and transformation
  • leadership and governance in Higher Education
  • Higher Education policy
  • online communities
  • social media and Web 2.x
  • political engagement and communication using OSM
  • the Information Society
  • Knowledge Management
  • using technology to effect change

Research activity

This PhD research is funded by the ESRC and builds on the groundwork of funded research I have conducted for the Higher Education Academy and the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education[1]. It brings together research interest and experience in Student Engagement with an abiding interest in widening participation issues, and on-going concerns about student persistence / retention.  We know that student engagement (SE) is positively correlated with persistence/retention[2]. There are also positive correlations with widening participation - both ways: “non-traditional” students (those historically underrepresented in that particular HE context) benefit disproportionately from SE[3]; and students in more diverse universities are more engaged than students in more homogeneous universities[4] (unless the university is completely homogeneous, which also increases engagement (Pike & Kuh 2005)). It thus follows that student engagement has a positive role to play in encouraging persistence among “non-traditional” students. However, these students – whilst having the potential to benefit most from student engagement – are often reported as feeling alienated or unengaged[5], and constitute “at risk” groups in terms of persistence/retention.



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Project title: Nomads in Contested Landscapes: Reframing Student Engagement and "Non-Traditionality" in Higher Education

Supervisor: Dr Charles Anderson, Dr Ken McCulloch