Vedam Hariharan (PhD student)

Thesis title: The Impact of 'Social Character' in the development of South Asian cricketers in the UK


An accomplished international Cricket Coach well qualified and with wide experience of coaching in different parts of the world on the development aspects of the game. Self-driven, highly motivated, and always trying to push boundaries having successfully coached in many countries. A good track record of successfully designing and implementing projects that empower young players to grow and achieve their goals. As a people person and being a team player, I have enjoyed working, socialising, understanding, and appreciating different cultures.   Coaching better abled cricketers and mentoring those who are differently abled, helped raise the participation level encouraging all to enhance social skills and wellbeing.  This has inspired me to pursue a PhD at The University of Edinburgh on Sports Sociology and Psychology..


Bachelor of Commerce (University of Bangalore)

MSc Performance Coaching (University of Stirling)

Undergraduate teaching

University of Stirling Sports Studies