Vanessa Zervogianni

Usability Testing Assistant


 Vanessa joined the Website Programme team in May 2016 as a Usability Testing Assistant, having gained significant experience in user testing as part of her master's in Artificial Intelligence at the School of Informatics.

Usability Testing Service


MSc Artificial Intelligence, University of Edinburgh

BA (Hons) Greek language and Linguistics

BA Acting

Responsibilities & affiliations

  • liaising with University business units to collaboratively determine areas requiring usability testing
  • writing usability testing scripts, research reports, blog posts and commercial material
  • market and user research
  • recruiting participants
  • conducting usability testing sessions
  • workshop facilitation

Project activity

Vanessa has coordinated and carried out user research and usability testing related to the following projects:

  • PC access lab app (rounds 1 & 2)
  • MyEd prototype
  • EdWeb staff profiles
  • IS Helpline (rounds 1 & 2)
  • IWMW conference website
  • Postgraduate degree finder
  • EdWeb support form
  • Estates department
  • Euclid self-help
  • Learn course interfaces
  • IGMM new website
  • Aberdeen University new student experience

Vanessa has also conducted market and user research and compiled reports on the following areas: 

  • Search service procurement
  • Social media share
  • User feedback buttons

Vanessa is also doing some research work on a PPLS project called "Seeing minds online," organised by the Eidyn research centre. 

Eidyn Research Centre website 

Seeing Minds Online project webpage