Unaiza Iqbal


2010-2014. BS Honors in Clinical Psychology , University of the Punjab, Pakistan

2014-2015. Msc in Clinical aspects of Psychology , University of Reading, United kingdom

Responsibilities & affiliations

Children, adolescents and animals research (CAAR)

Children, adolescents and animal research or CAAR is a group of researchers, graduates and doctoral students led by professor Jo Williams and supported by Dr Janine Muldone. We explore all aspects of relationships between children, adolescents and animals and work closely with a range of animal welfare organisations. 


Current research interests

The focus of my current research is animal-assisted interventions and ADHD. Animal-assisted interventions is an emerging mode of treatment so there is not enough research evidence in this area yet. In my current study I will explore the research gap in this area by conducting a systematic review, while building a foundation for an animal-assisted intervention study with children diagnosed with ADHD and behavioural challenges. My current study is being carried out under the supervision of Professor Joanne Williams and Dr Monja Knoll.

Past research interests

My Msc in Clinical aspects of Psychology research focussed on the relationship between Self-face recognition bias and Autistic traits in neurotypical population. During my BS degree in Clinical Psychology I conducted a research investigating, Stigmatisation, Self-compassion and Parental stress in mothers of children with Down syndrome