Tom Brautigam


Tom has previously worked with young people and as a secondary school history teacher.  Whilst working as a teacher he completed his MSc in History at the University of Edinburgh with a particular focus on 17th Century radicals. He is now researching his PhD fulltime, with research focusing on the Leveller movement of the English Civil War and their relationship with the radical religious sects; exploring their interdependence.

Responsibilities & affiliations

In addition to being an A Level examiner, Tom is a supervisor for the History Department's 'History for Schools' outreach programme, working with undergraduate volunteers in local secondary schools.

Undergraduate teaching

Tom currently Tutors on the following undergraduate courses: Historian's Toolkit (Semester 1), Early Modern Worlds (Semester 2).

Research summary

Tom's research focuses primarily on the 17th Century Leveller movement and their relationship with radical religious sects, particularly Baptists.  The role of lay-preachers as Leveller agents and facilitators is central to his work as well as the identification of radical political activity beyond London. Tom is using a model of Social Network theory to examine the dynamic interrelationships and activities of religious activists.

Tom is a committee member for the interdisciplinary Early Modern Network.

Papers delivered

Tom has presented the following papers in various settings:

'John Lilburne: A Constitutionalist for the Right and Left'

'The Leveller movement and lay-preachers'

‘Negotiation for Imposition: Army manipulation of Leveller and civilian collaboration as a tool for power in November and December 1648.’