Thomas Chaurin

Director of Languages for All


Thomas Chaurin holds a Master’s degree in French as a Foreign Language from the University of Rennes 2. He has an extensive experience in language teaching, language teachers’ training, curriculum development, the Common European Framework of Reference for languages and its applications (e.g. European Language Portfolio, Reference Level Descriptors, international language qualifications, European Profiling Grid), quality processes, and management of academic teams and of organisations.

Prior to joining the Centre for Open Learning, Thomas was a Research Associate at Moray House School of Education taking part in a research project analysing the factors of successful language learning in Scottish schools. He was previously the Scotland based Education Attaché of the French Embassy in the UK (2014-2018), the Executive Director of the Alliance Française of Washington DC (2010-2013) and of the Alliance Française of Calgary (2007-2010). Thomas has also held leadership roles in France, Spain, Chile, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Slovakia.

Responsibilities & affiliations

  • Representative for University Language Centres in Scotland on the AULC Executive Commitee
  • Erasmus+ Assessor, British Council
  • UNILANG External Examiner
  • DELF DALF Examiners' Trainer, Centre International d'Études Pédagogiques

Project activity

Thomas is currently working with Prof. Do Coyle and Dr Fiona O'Hanlon on a research project entitled  “Developing excellence in 1+2 languages in Scottish schools: working together for success”. Commissioned by the City of Edinburgh Council, Fife Council and East Lothian Council, this project analyses the factors of successful language learning in Scottish Schools. The next phase of this project, which will consist in the creation of a self-evaluation tool for schools, has been awarded a Knowledge Exchange and Impact Grant of the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.