Teresa Ironside (MBA)

Director of Data Science Education


The University of Edinburgh’s Bayes Centre fosters data-driven innovation (DDI) within and beyond the University, bringing together world-leading data science and artificial intelligence teams across academia and industry. I have a passion for education, lifelong learning and the professional and economic benefits provided from upskilling opportunities. I am a MBA graduate and organised self-starter with over 19 years of higher education administrative experience, including 14 years at management level. I have extensive experience and proven success in strategic planning and change management, as well as innovative programme development and implementation.

In this role, I am responsible for the Education remit within the Bayes Centre with a focus on Talent development and oversee the current multi-disciplinary online learning suite of upskilling courses within the Data Upskilling Short Courses (DUSC) portfolio and the Data Science, Technology and Innovation (DSTI) postgraduate programme, where courses can be taken as stand-alone courses or stacked towards a qualification. Courses from this growing portfolio are contributed from all three Colleges across the University in the sciences, humanities and medicine and work collaboratively with all DDI Hubs.   

I am responsible for leading on, developing, and implementing the data science and artificial intelligence education strategy for the  Bayes Centre within the College of Science and Engineering (CSE), with a strategic management focus on upskilling for industry and the workforce, as well as links with industry partners for the benefit of undergraduate and postgraduate students. I lead on and deliver strategic plans to ensure the University meets both internal and external requirements and is at the forefront of data science education working across the University and with affiliated partners. 


Master of Business Administration (MBA), University of Edinburgh

Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree (Hons. BA), University of Toronto 

Responsibilities & affiliations

  • Bayes Executive Group - Member
  • Bayes Steering Group - Member 
  • Edinburgh Futures Institute (EFI) Academic Steering Group / Education Committee - Member
  • AgriTech Talent Management Group - Member
  • Ed-Dash Steering Group - Member
  • Software Sustainability Institute Steering Group - Member 
  • SENSE CDT Steering Group - Member 
  • Data Science Technology and Innovation Group Programme Oversight Committee - Member


Principal’s Medal Awarded for Exceptional Contribution, University of Edinburgh – December 2020

  •  Co-Lead Team Award for Technology Enhanced Learning