Steven Maxwell

Clinical Fellow


I am currently a Clinical Fellow, teaching on the undergraduate and postgraduate nursing programmes.  I have been a qualified mental health nurse since 2003, with a specialist clinical expertise  and interest in substance use and sexual health/BBVs.  I have been involved in teaching within healthcare providers and the higher education sector since 2013, with an interest in public health, prescribing practice and clinical education.  I am currently doing my PhD part time in Global Health, which is looking at the use of HIV pre-exposure prophlaxis use within the context of sexualised drug use among the MSM popualtion.  My previous service evaluation/research experience and interest lays within alcohol/drug use, HIV prevention and the wider biopsychosocial impact on high-risk populations.  





MSc in Public Health Practice

PGC in Clinical Education

BSc in Professional Development


Independent and supplementary presciber

Responsibilities & affiliations

Higher Education Academy: Fellow

Undergraduate teaching

Teaching across the Bachelor's in Nursing

Postgraduate teaching

 Teaching across the MSc in Advanced Nursing

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Research summary

My over arching research interest orientates towards public health, social justice and health inequalities. This specifically includes service evaluation/research experience and interest in substance misuse and sexual health/blood borne viruses. I have a specific interest in the advancement of HIV bio-medical interventions and the wider risk reduction strategies, but framing this within the wider paradigm of biopsychosocial health and well-being.

Current research interests

I am currently doing my PhD part time in Global Health, specifically examining pre-exposure prophylaxis use and medication adherence among men who have sex with men who engage in chemsex.