Professor Stana Nenadic (BA, Ph.D. FRHistS)

Professor of Social History and Cultural History


After a first degree in Economic History from Strathclyde University and a PhD in Economic History from the University of Glasgow, I spent a year at the University of Stirling as Research Fellow in Entrepreneurship Studies before appointment to a Lectureship in Social History at Edinburgh. I was Postgraduate Director in the School of History and Classics from 2002 to 2003; Head of Economic and Social History from 2004 to 2007; School Graduate Director from 2009 to 2012.

Prior to my university studies, I spent several years working as a theatrical costume maker/designer.  I also undertake museum consultancies.

Responsibilities & affiliations

Appointed by Royal Warrant to be a Commissioner of the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland, 2001-11.

I have been Director of the Pasold Research Fund since January 2016. The Pasold Fund, a registered charity established in 1964, promotes research into textile, fashion and clothing history broadly defined, by giving financial assistance to researchers and museum curators, by organizing and supporting conferences and by publishing a monograph series with OUP and a major journal, Textile History.  See –

Undergraduate teaching

  • Historians Toolkit (1st year)
  • The History of Edinburgh (1st year)
  • Social History 2.1: The Making of the Modern Body (2nd year)
  • Heritage in Britain Since c.1750 [hons option]
  • London Life in the Eighteenth Century [hons option]

Postgraduate teaching

  • The Material Culture of Gender in Eighteenth Century Britain

Current PhD students supervised

Name - Degree - Thesis topic - Supervision type

  •      - PhD - Material and Visual Culture of the Modern Whisky Industry - Primary
  •      - PhD - The Art Market in Nineteenth-Century Britain - Secondary
  •      - PhD - Leisure and transgressive behaviour in Edinburgh c.1740-1820 - Primary
  •      - PhD - The Care Economy in Eighteenth-Century Scotland - Secondary

Past PhD students supervised

Name - Degree- Thesis topic- Supervision type- Completion year

  • Friend, Clare - PhD - The Social Life of Paper 1680-1820 - Primary - 2018
  • Cunnynghame, Daisy - PhD - Dispensaries in Providing for the Sick Poor in Edinburgh c.1780-1820 - Primary - 2020
  • Iida Saarinen - PhD - Belonging’ in a Roman Catholic Seminary in the Nineteenth Century – A Prosopographical Study of Students and Social Identities at ‘Scots College Paris’, 1793-1878 - Primary - 2017
  • Sarah Laurenson - PhD - The Craft, Commerce and Culture of Jewelery in Scotland c.1780-1914 (Part of the Leverhulme funded project ‘Artisans and the Craft Economy in Scotland c.1780-1914) - Primary - 2017
  • Palacz, Michael - PhD - The Polish School of Medicine in Edinburgh since 1941 - Primary - 2016
  • McCaslin, Sarah - PhD - "Great Gathering of the Clans": Scottish Clubs and Societies in Scotland and America, 1750-c.1850' - Joint - 2015
  • Woods, Kathryn - PhD - Bodies and medicine in the 18th century - Joint - 2015
  • Baker, Sonia - PhD - Scots in eighteenth century Grenada: a study of the life and times of Ninian Home (1732-1795), plantation and slave owner - family, friends, networks and other connections (AHRC funded) - Secondary - 2015
  • Duncan, Alison - PhD - Old Maids: Social Relationships and Social Power in the Lives of Never Married Scottish Gentlewomen, 1740 - 1840 - Primary - 2013
  • Bohlmann, Julia - MScR - Trade and labour in the popular press of West Scotland, 1812-35P - rimary - 2012
  • Ledford, Megan - PhD - Women’s didactic literature in Scotland and America, c.1780-1850. - Primary - 2012
  • Wilson, Gaye - PhD - Portraits of Thomas Jefferson - Secondary - 2011
  • Tuckett, Sally - PhD - Weaving the Nation: Scottish Clothing and Textile Cultures in the Long Eighteenth Century - Primary - 2011
  • Paul, Katherin - PhD - Credit and social relations amongst artisans and tradesmen in Edinburgh and Philadelphia, c. 1710-1770 - Secondary - 2010
  • Baker, Sonia - MScR - Scottish Planters in the British West Indies, c. 1763-c.1840. - Secondary - 2010
  • McCaslin, Sarah - MScR - Transplantation of Early Modern Scottish Culture to the Americas in the form of Social Clubs - Secondary - 2010
  • Bucciantini, Alima - PhD - Aura, authenticity and the making of iconic objects in modern museums - Primary - 2009
  • Glover, Katharine - PhD - Elite Women and the Change of Manners in Mid-Eighteenth Century Scotland - Joint - 2007
  • Duncan, Alison - MScR - Old Maids: Social Relationships and Social Power in the Lives of Never Married Scottish Gentlewomen, 1740 - 1840 - Primary - 2007
  • Glover, Katharine - MScR - Elite Women and the Change of Manners in Mid-Eighteenth Century Scotland - Joint - 2003
  • Lamont, Peter - PhD - Magic and miracles in Victorian Britain : framing the phenomena of D.D. Home - Primary - 2003
  • Picton Phillipps, Christina - PhD - Convicts, Communication and Authority: Britain and New South Wales, 1810-1830 - Secondary - 2002
  • Mortimer, Barbara - PhD - Pre-professional nurse in 19th century Scotland -      - 2002
  • Hourston, Laura - PhD - Romantic nationalism and modernity in three national museums. - Secondary - 2002

Research summary


  • Britain & Ireland


  • Material Culture


  • Eighteenth Century
  • Nineteenth Century

Research interests

My research has focused on the social, cultural and economic life of artisans and business owners, the middle ranks, gentry and professionals since the eighteenth century, mainly with reference to Scotland.  I have a parallel interest in the material and visual cultures and economies of the past.  


In 2006/7 I organized a series of public seminars, funded by Scottish Power, on the theme of ‘Enlightenment and Popular Culture’. These are available as podcasts, hosted by the University of Edinburgh at -

Project activity

My recent writing project is a monograph-length study titled Craftworkers in Nineteenth-Century Scotland: Making and Adapting in an Industrial Age, published by EUP in late 2021.

I am currently undertaking full-time Leverhulme-funded research and writing for the project titled 'The Business of Art in Scotland, 1700-1900.'


Research projects

My Royal Society of Edinburgh funded project (2011-13) - a study of the Scottish ‘Turkey red’ printed cotton industry and other decorative textiles c.1800-1950 - was based on the extensive collections of textile pattern books held at the National Museums of Scotland and has generated an online exhibition and catalogue hosted by NMS.  It formed the subject of a REF Impact Case Study. The project website and NMS exhibition can be viewed at –

My recent three year Leverhulme Trust funded project from September 2013 to October 2016, titled ‘Artisans  and the Craft Economy in Scotland c.1780-1914’ included a strong textile crafts dimension.  It generate an online exhibition and catalogue of surviving craftworks and a photographic survey, as well as a contemporary craft engagement strand. The project website can be viewed at -

I currently hold a Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship for 2020-22 for a project titled 'The Business of Art in Scotland, 1700-1900'.


Stana Nenadic, Craftworkers in Nineteenth-Century Scotland: Making an Adapting in an Industrial Age (EUP, forthcoming 2021).

Stana Nenadic, Colouring the Nation: The Turkey Red Printed Cotton Industry in Scotland c.1840-1940 (NMS Publications, 2013) [With Sally Tuckett].

Stana Nenadic, Lairds and Luxury: the Highland Gentry in eighteenth century Scotland (John Donald Publishers, 2007) 

Edited books

Stana Nenadic, ed., Craft in the Age of Industry, vol 5 of A Cultural History of Craft series editor Clive Edwards (Bloomsbury, forthcoming 2023/4).

Stana Nenadic ed., Scots in London the Eighteenth Century (Bucknell UniversityPress, 2010)

Book chapters and articles

‘Rites, rituals and sites of business, 1650-1820.’ In S. Talbot and C. Rosenthal, eds. A Cultural History of Business in the Age of Enlightenment – Bloomsbury, forthcoming 2021

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