Sophie Keeling

Research Fellow


I joined the department in 2018, first as a teaching fellow and now as a research fellow funded by the Analysis Trust. Before that, I completed a PhD in philosophy at the University of Southampton where I was supervised by Conor McHugh along with Richard Gray from Cardiff University. Previously, I studied for a bachelors and masters in Philosophy and Literature at Cardiff and Warwick respectively, before realising my heart lies squarely with philosophy.

Research summary

My interests include the philosophy of mind, epistemology and the philosophy of psychology. More specifically, I've been researching issues including self-knowledge, self-ignorance, confabulation, reasons, and rationality.

(Forthcoming). 'Knowing Our Reasons: Distinctive Self-Knowledge of Why We Hold Attitudes and Perform Actions.' Philosophy and Phenomenological Research

(Forthcoming). 'The Transparency Method and Knowing our Reasons.' Analysis

(2018). 'Confabulation and Rational Obligations for Self-Knowledge.' Philosophical Psychology