Siti Abdul Latif (PhD Graduate 2018)

Thesis title: Designing a culturally sensitive screening tool in identifying students with Emotional and Behavioural difficulties in Brunei Darussalam


Professional/teaching experience

  • Teaching officer at secondary school (2006)
  • Lecturer at University of Brunei Darussalam (2006 until present) (Psychological Studies & Human Development Academic Group, SHBIE)

Research summary

I am attempting to design a culturally sensitive tool that will reflect the nature and the prevalence rate of emotional and behavioural problems among students in Brunei Darussalam. 

I am also interested in exploring and understanding the social construct of beliefs that influence one another in explaining the causes and effects of behaviour problems among adolescents. This information is hope to provide me with rich understanding on the influential factors that could inform why such behaviours continue to cause difficulties for both teachers and students in a classroom context. 

Research activity

My research study is in exploring the potentiality of a screening tool on assessing emotional and behavioural problems among adolescents in Brunei. This study will provide statistical evidence on the psychometric properties of the assessment tool to inform how culturally sensitive this tool to capture meaning when behaviour is define within this context. It will also analyse its reported scores in relationship (if any) with other factors. 

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