Dr Siqi Zhang

Teaching Fellow (MSc Education)


Dr. Siqi Zhang received her PhD degree in Sociology from the University of Edinburgh in 2019. She is based at the Institute of Education, Community and Society in Moray House School of Education and Sport at the University of Edinburgh. Her PhD research explores the ways in which gender and cultural capital are closely linked with international students’ transnational educational choices and their transnational study experiences during their stay in a Scottish university. Her research interests include sociology of education, gender, cultural capital, transnational educational mobility, social inequality in education and student experience in international higher education.


PhD in Sociology, University of Edinburgh

Msc in Sociology, London School of Economics and Political Science

Responsibilities & affiliations

A Member of British Sociological Association;

A Member of British Association for Chinese Studies;

A Member of Network for Research Into Chinese Education Mobilities;

A Member of Comparative Education and International Development Research Group

A Member of Higher Education Research Group


Peer Reviewer for Journal

Cambridge Journal of Education;

Studies in Continuing Education;

Comparative Education Review;

Asian Ethinicity


Postgraduate Supervision and Tutoring:

Personal Tutor

Postgraduate student dissertation supervisor  (successfully supervised 22 Master students, completed and awarded) 

Co-coordinator for the CEID postgraduate virtual mentoring programme

Postgraduate teaching

Msc Education (All Pathway) Dissertation (Course Organisor)

Qualitative Data Research (Course Organisor)

Education Policy and the Politics of Education

Comparative Education and International Development

Source of Knowledge

Conceptualising Research: Foundations, assumptions and praxis

The Nature of Inquiry 



Areas of interest for supervision

Siqi welcomes to discuss topics in areas of sociology of education; social inequality in higher education; gender/cultural identity; cultural capital;  transnational mobilities; transnational higher education; Qualitative methodologies: Ethnography; Participant observation, Interviews and Desk-based studies.

Project activity

Gender, Cultural Capital and Transnational Mobility: Chinese Female International Students' Transnational Aspirations and Transnational Lives in the UK .

2020-2021.07, In a research team, for Asia-Pacific research project at University of Edinburgh


Honour and Awards:

2021 & 2022    University of Edinburgh EUSA Teaching Award Nominee (In the Category of Student Tutor of the Year & Personal Tutor of the Year) ; 

2018 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad;

2018 Travel Grant of Young Scholar Forum Organised by East China University of Political Science and Law;

2017 ‘Annual Outstanding International Students of the Year Award',  awarded by Nouvelles D' Europe 

          (Ranked as the top 3 student among  the ten awarded outstanding students in vote in final round of competition)

2016-2017 University of Edinburgh SSPS Research Fund

Conference details

Zhang, S. (2022) 'International Students' Construction of Global Citizenship', Conference Proceedings, Citizenship and Education in Contemporary Chinese Societies, the Education University of Hong Kong, 21st of Jan, 2022.

Zhang, S. (2021) 'Conducting Observation for Qualitative Research', Student Experience Project Training Session, Moray House School of Education and Sport, University of Ediburgh. 3rd of May, 2021.

Zhang, S. and  Xu, C. L. (2021) Invited Lecture Presentation, 'The Making of Transnational Distinction: an Emobodied Cultural Capital Perspective on Chinese Women Students' Mobility' to the Ontario Institute Studies in Education, University of Toronto. 17th of April, 2021.

Zhang, S. (2019) 'Chinese International Students’ Social Networks in a Transnational Context: A Qualitative Study on the Chinese International Students', School of Foreign Languages, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, June, 2019.

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Zhang, S. (2017) ‘The Changing Dressing Style of Female Student Migrants: A Case Study on Chinese International Students in Edinburgh’, Conference Proceedings, Age Agency Ambiguity - Gender and Generation in Times of Change: The Sixth Women and Gender Studies Annual International Conference, University of Oslo,  27-30th of July, 2017.

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Zhang, S. (2015) ‘The Transformational Effect of Higher Education to International Chinese Students Studying in the UK’, Conference Proceedings, New Direction Conference, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, 29th March 2015.

Grek, S., Zhang, S., Sabeti, S. & Gallagher, M.  (2021)'Complex and Intersecting Barriers to Access: Some Concluding Thoughts', In Smith, W., Viogt, A. & Zhang, Y. (Eds), Barriers to Secondary Education in the Asia Pacific Region: A Scoping Review of Four Countries. Final report of the Scotland Funding Council GCRF project Universal Secondary Education in the Asia Pacific Region. Edinburgh, UK: University of Edinburgh. https://www.ed.ac.uk/files/atoms/files/mh-ceid-ap-full-report.pdf

Zhang , S. & Tang. X (2021). 'Cultural Capital as Class Strength and Gendered Educational Choices of Chinese Female Students in the United Kingdom', Frontiers in Psychology, vol: 11, p.1-12. https://doi.org/10.3389/fpsyg.2020.584360

Zhang, S. & Xu, C. L. (2020). 'The Making of Transnational Distinction: an Embodied Cultural Capital Perspective on Chinese Women Students’ Mobility', British Journal of Sociology of Education,  vol: 41, no.8: 1251-1267. https://doi.org/10.1080/01425692.2020.1804836

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