Dr Simon Coleman

Senior Lecturer


Simon has worked at University of Edinburgh since 1998. His main area of expertise is sports biomechanics, although he is also involved in clinical biomechanics and orthopaedics in collaboration with Edinburgh Royal Infirmary

Prior to taking on the role as Co-Deputy Head of School, Simon was Head of Institute for Sport, Physcial Education and Health Sciences and also was Programme Director of the Intercalated BMedSci Sport Science Medicine programme. 

Simon is part of the Human Performance Science research group and works collaboratively with other staff in physiology, dance science, coaching science and physical education.

Undergraduate teaching

  • Sports Biomechanics
  • Research Methods in Sports Science
  • Practical Activities in Physical Education - Volleyball

Postgraduate teaching

  • PhD and MSc Supervision

Current PhD students supervised

  • Tomohiro Gonjo- Energy expenditure and kinematic comparison between front crawl and backstroke swimming at a sub-anerobic pace 
  • Kostas Kalitsis- Kinematic and metabolomic changes across an anerobic swimming bout
  • Nuno Oliveira- The effect of fatigue on the 3-d kinematics of the water-polo eggbeater kick
  • Alice Mooney- Joint hypermobility, injury and health in adolescents
  • Margarida Dias- Biomechanics and bioenergetics of backstroke swimming

Research summary

  • biomechanics of sports performance, particularly in golf, volleyball and cycling
  • biomechanics of music performance
  • pedagogy of sports science teaching, especially biomechanics

Project activity

  • Upper Limb Rotation in Golf
  • Effects of Total Knee Replacement on the golf swing
  • Landing forces in volleyball
  • Effects of fatigue on the kinematics of swimming performance

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