Saturnino Luz



Dr Luz works in the field of medical informatics, focusing on communication and analysis of time-based modalities in healthcare settings.

He investigates inference in high-dimensional data sets, and has employed machine learning and signal processing methods in the analysis of multidisciplinary medical team meetings, doctor-patient consultations and telemedicine, and in tasks involving prediction and diagnosis of cognitive status with applications to dementia. Dr Luz leads the Translation Reseach Group on Technology and Communication at the Centre for Dementia Prevention.

Postgraduate teaching

Saturnino is currently recruiting a PhD student and interested to hear from those considering a PhD in any areas relevant to his research. 


Open to PhD supervision enquiries?


Current PhD students supervised

  • Sofia de la Fuente Garcia: "Human-Robot Interaction for Dementia Prevention and Research with a Focus on Cognitive Well-Being".  MRC Precision Medicine Doctoral Training Programme.
  • Pierre Albert: "Interaction Analytics for Automatic Assessment of Communication Quality in Primary Care", MRC Precision Medicine Doctoral Training Programme.
  • Minhong Wang: Agent state based modelling of pattern formation in pluripotent stem cells

Project activity

  • Supporting Active Ageing through Multimodal coaching (SSAM), EU Horizon 2020, Personalised Medicine; 2017-2020, €3,996,400. The SAAM project we focuses upon innovative, technology-enabled approaches to support the aging population living at home, with a novel and practical emphasis on ambient sensing and learning of user needs and preferences, and effective coaching by leveraging the user’s social support networks. Over three years, the project’s partners will develop and test new methods allowing Europe’s aging population to remain active, independent and longer in their homes.
  • Interaction Analytics for Automatic Assessment of Communication Quality in Primary Care. Health Research Board, 2016-2019; €313,000. The INCA project investigates technological mechanisms for electronic gathering and automated analysis of physician-patient interaction during medical interviews. It applies state of the art technology in speech processing, text analytics and social signal processing, and investigate the impact of models through which comprehensive, data-intensive communication analysis could be conducted. This interaction analytics research will use routinely collected audio-visual data from consultations between patients and trainee general practitioners.
  • Genealogies of Knowledge: Evolution and Contestation of Concepts across Time and Space.  AHRC, 2016-2020, £796,000. This project explores how our understanding of central scientific and cultural concepts has evolved since they first emerged. The project draws on a specially constructed electronic corpus of translations and recensions of key texts, both in the humanities and the sciences (with specific emphasis on medicine). Dr Luz leads the Natural Language Processing and Text Visualisation work packages.

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