Sarah Minty (PhD student)

Thesis title: Young people’s higher education decisions in Scotland: the influence of social class and family attitudes to higher education costs


Having worked in educational research since 2004, I am finally taking the plunge and undertaking a PhD. Funded by the ESRC DTC, my PhD research relates to young people’s higher education choices in Scotland. 

Professional/teaching experience

I am skilled in using both qualitative and quantitative research methods and I have worked on a wide range of British and European projects from inception to dissemination. I am experienced in coordinating knowledge exchange activities with policymakers and young people.

Recent relevant research projects include:

Research summary

  • Social justice and higher education policy
  • Widening access
  • Student finance and higher education funding
  • The role of family in young people’s post-school choices
  • Implementation and impact of government policy on young people and other stakeholders

Research activity

My mixed methods PhD is funded by the ESRC Scottish Doctoral Training Centre. It will investigate how social class and family attitudes to HE costs (immediate and deferred) influence young people’s HE decisions in Scotland. Levels of state support (student loans and bursaries) are determined by family income, yet policies tend to focus on young people as individuals rather than operating within, and influenced by, wider family contexts. Set within a Bourdieusian framework, the study aims to explore the range and balance of social, cultural and economic factors influencing young people’s HE choices as they are shaped within the family context. 

I will examine statistical patterns of HE participation and choice using Higher Education Statistics Authority (HESA) and Scottish Funding Council (SFC) data. In-depth qualitative interviews with young people and their families will provide deeper insights into these patterns by exploring the underlying family dynamics influencing young people’s HE decisions.

The study is innovative in four ways: 

  • It recognises that within the Scottish context of free tuition for Scottish/EU domiciled students, the question of HE costs remains under-explored despite the fact that most Scottish students take out maintenance loans and those from lower income backgrounds incur the greatest debt
  • Its mixed methods approach enables participation patterns to be examined and, critically, to identify the reasons
  • It includes young people undertaking HE in colleges and those pursuing alternatives to HE, as well as those interested in more traditional HE routes
  • Longitudinal interviews will track young people’s post-school transitions

The research will empirically test the extent to which family HE traditions are reproduced or disrupted, and provide insights into the private effects of public HE policy on Scottish families. 

Research Grants Awarded:


Edited books:

  • Riddell, S., Minty, S. & Weedon (2015) Higher Education in Scotland and the UK: Diverging or Converging Systems? Edinburgh University Press: Edinburgh.

Book chapters: 

  • Minty, S. (2015) Young people’s attitudes towards tuition fees and debt in Scotland and England; (in)? (Eds) Riddell, S., Minty, S. & Weedon, E. (2015) Higher Education in Scotland and the UK: Diverging or Converging Systems? Edinburgh University Press: Edinburgh.
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Journal articles: 

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Selected other publications 



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Selected research reports: 

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Selected conference and seminar presentations

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