Mengke [Sarah] Li (PhD student)

Thesis title: Identity and Second Language Acquisition: The Case of Chinese as a Second or Foreign Language


Having got my Bachelors degree and Masters degree in education in both Mainland China and Hong Kong, I began to teach language and literature at international schools. I am also interested in doing research, and I had done action research and case studies during my work. All these education backgrounds and working experience led into my PhD study looking at British students' identity transition before and after studying Chinese in China with my current supervisors Dr Lorna Hamilton and Dr Michael Lynch.

Moreover, I never stop teaching, and can undertake different levels of Chinese training, including Chinese literature and language, and Mandarin pronunciation training.



• A Case Study about Accuracy and Fluency in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, 2016 International Conference on Cultural Studies. United States: USA Science & Technology Association. 2016. 02.

• The Exploration of Teaching Methods about the Pronunciation of Pinyin l, r, an, ang for Japanese Students, The Modernization of Education, 2016. 04.

• Classical Chinese and TCSL: the example of Mencius, Youth and Society, 2015.04.



Research summary

Students’ engagement with the target language and culture and their sense of self as they experienced Chinese and Chinese culture during their overseas study time and on their return.

Current research interests

My research interests are cultural identity and second language learning, as well as the teaching methodology. 

Conference details

The European Conference on Language Learning (ECLL2019)  07/2019, the UK

Will publish paper: British Students’ Identity Transition in Learning Chinese as a Foreign Language

The 6th International School Chinese Language Educational Conference and Workshops     12/2018, Singapore

Published paper: The Chinese Character Teaching Strategies for Abroad Grown Chinese Children – from the Views of Chinese Radicals

The 5th International Conference on Chinese as a Second Language Research  06/2018, Hong Kong

Published paper: An Action Research about Dealing with Differentiation and Students Management in Chinese as a Second Language Classroom

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