Dr Rosemary Mulholland

Associate Tutor

Responsibilities & affiliations

Reviewer: 2011-to date

  • European Physical Education Review
  • Educational Research and Reviews
  • International Journal of Educational Research
  • American Journal of Educational Research
  • European Journal of Physical Education

 External Appointments/Roles

  •  European Educational Research Association (2013-to date ) Co-Convenor for Network 1  (Teacher Development)
  •  Reviewer for the European Conference Educational Research, Budapest  September 2015
  •  Reviewer for the European Conference Educational Research, Istanbul, 10-13 September 2013
  • Member of Scientific Advisory Board (2012/13) EDULEARN (12), International Conference, Barcelona, July 2012


  •  Government College Lahore, Pakistan (2008-to date)  Led Workshops:  Teacher Stress, Student Stress and Coping External Advisor to MsC (Clinical Psychology)
  • Advisor to MsC (Clinical Psychology) Institute of Management and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan External

Undergraduate teaching

  •  Depute Director BEd (Physical Education)
  •   Course Co-ordinator Placement BEd (PE)Year 2,3 & 4
  •  Course Co-ordinator PE4B (Aesthetics) Year 4 BEd (PE)
  •  Course Co-ordinator PE4B (Perspectives) Year 4 BEd(PE)
  •  Personal Tutor
  • Physical Education Perspectives – Aesthetics/Socio-Cultural
  • Physical Education Curriculum
  • Undergraduate disserations

Postgraduate teaching

  • Masters Dissertations
  • MSc(Dance Education)

Areas of interest for supervision

  • Lorele Mackie- Perceptions of Mentoring and Formative Assessment within Student Teacher ITE Placements.
  • Andrew Horrell- Physical  Education Teachers Engagement with Curriculum Change within the Scottish context

Research summary

  • Teacher Stress,Well Being and Coping
  • Students Teacher/ NQTS Stress,Well Being and Coping
  • Curriculum Change in Physical Education
  • PE Teachers Engagment with and Enactment of curriculum change
  • Porfessional Learning Partnerships associated with ITE
  • Emotional Intelligence, Performance & Well Being (Student Teachers)
  • Aestheitc experience and engagment with Physical Educaiton
  • Teaching, the Student Teacher and aesthetic experience 

Project activity

  • Teacher Stress Interventions: Relax and All Will be Well
  • Healthy Working Environment? – Perceptions of Teacher Educators.
  • Emotional Intelligence and Student (PE) Performance in ITE
  • Emotional Intelligence and Student (PE)Perceptions of Stress and Well Being
  • Aesthetic Experience & engagmenet with Physical Educaiton and Physical Activity