Rong Zoe Yan

Thesis title: The Social Consequences of an ADHD diagnosis in China


I earned my Bachelor's degree in Mental Health Studies from the University of Toronto and subsequently completed a Master's in Developmental Psychology and Education, specializing in Special Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE). During my undergraduate studies, I interned as a psychiatrist assistant, working with youths and adults diagnosed with mood disorders. In my master's program, I facilitated activities at a local child center for children with autism. After my graduation, I transitioned to working in several educational institutes, taking on hybrid roles as both a teacher and a student success manager. These experiences deepened my understanding of the unique perspectives of children with diverse needs, fueling my desire to explore these perspectives further. In 2022, I embarked on a PhD journey under the co-supervision of Professor Gale Macleod and Dr. Martin Toye. Currently halfway through my program, I am focused on deepening my understanding of children’s perspectives and interpersonal relationships, with the hope that my research will inspire actions and interventions that can effectively support these children.


University of Toronto

  • M.Ed. Developmental Psychology and Education
  • B.Sc.(hons) Specialized in Mental Health Studies Stream

Research summary

My research interest is related to the experiences of students with additional needs, and more importantly the role of educators and parents in it. My current research explores the experiences of children with ADHD in China, aiming to study the impact of the diagnostic label of ADHD.