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Representative publications

  1. Logie, R.H. (2015). Working Memory: Beyond Baddeley and Hitch. In M.W. Eysenck and D. Groome (Eds.). Cognitive psychology: Revisiting the classic studies. Sage
  2. Logie, R.H. & Cowan, N. (Eds.) (2015). Working Memory: A special issue of Memory and Cognition.
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  6. Rhodes, S., Parra, M.A. & Logie, R.H. (in press). Ageing and feature binding in visual working memory: The role of presentation time. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.
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Ode to Baddeley and Hitch (1974)




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Undergraduate teaching

Personal tutees wishing a meeting should send me a note through Euclid. Other students should send an email to rlogie (at) In either case, a meeting can normally be arranged within a day.

In 2017-18 I will be teaching on the following courses:

  • Human memory in First year Psychology,
  • MSc Human Cognition: Science and Application to Society
  • MSc Transferring Knowledge to Society
  • MSc tutorials on Human Working Memory

I am available for supervising final year Psychology projects, MSc projects and PhDs.

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Research summary

Research and teaching interests lie in the cognition of human memory in the healthy brain across the lifespan, focused on experimental behavioural studies of working memory.

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International Conference on Working Memory. Cambridge, 9th – 11th July 2014

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International Conference on Working Memory 2014

9-11 July 2014, Cambridge, UK

Ode to Baddeley and Hitch (1974)

Previous projects

Current project grants

Economic and Social Research Council.Working memory across the adult lifespan: An adversarial collaboration. (With Cowan, Naveh-Benjamin, Camos & Barrouillet). Award number ES/N010728/1. 2016-2020.

Past project grants

European Commission FP7 Framework Large Scale Integrating Project. ForgetIT: Concise preservation by combining managed forgetting and contextualised remembering (with 10 other academic and commercial partners spread across 7 EU countries). 2013-2016.

Economic and Social Research Council. Encoding and interference effects on visual working memory binding in young and older adults. (with Brown and Allen). 2012

The Leverhulme Trust. Multitasking: An experimental study of the complexities of everyday cognition. (With Law). 2008-2010.

Engineering and Physical Sciences Council. BabyTalk: Generating Textual Summaries of Clinical Temporal Data. (with Hunter, Freer, McIntosh, Reiter, Sripada). Award numbers EP/D049520/1 and EP/D05057X/1. 2006-2010.

The Alzheimer Society. Dual task impairment in Alzheimer Disease: An investigation on specificity and development of a clinical tool. (with Della Sala and Starr). 2007-2010.

Chief Scientist Office, Scottish Executive Health Dept. Working memory as a mental workspace: Evidence from implicit processing and representational deficits in unilateral neglect (with Della Sala and Dennis). Award reference CZB/4/346. 2005-2008.

Dual-task impairment in alzheimer disease: an investigation on specificity and development of a clinical tool.

Working memory as a mental workspace: Evidence from implicit processing and representational deficits in unilateral neglect.