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Name Role Business unit(s)
Jamie Sutherland IS Helpdesk Assistant
Morven Sutherland Undergraduate Administrative Secretary
Katharine Swarbrick Lecturer
Andrew Sweeney
Sharifah Syed Abdullah (Student profile) Research Student
Jessica Syers Satire in the Neopicaresque Novel
Dr Sergiy Sylantyev Chancellor's Fellow
Stefan Symeonides Senior Clinical Lecturer in Medical Oncology
Judith Syson EPAD International Coordinator WP4
Gabriella (Gabi) Szel Undergraduate Office: Teaching Secretary (BA Childhood Practice)
Ilaria Taglialatela Scafati PhD Psychology
Prof. Joyce Tait Founding Director of the Innogen Centre/Institute
Nicola Tait Estates Campus Manager
Mrs Sally Tait Senior Secretary
Hisako Takahashi An Examination of the Relationship between Japanese Writer Natsume Soseki & the Western Visual Arts
Jazmine Tamplin Administrative Assistant
Karen Tan Research Fellow
Guido Tana PhD Philosophy
Dr Ina Taneva Lecturer
Aodi Tang Fourth year PhD student