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Name Role Business unit(s)
Richard Parker Senior Statistician
Mr Nicholas Parkinson Edinburgh Clinical Academic Track Clinical Lectureship for V
Chetna Parmar Undergraduate Office: Placement Secretary
Mr Jon Parry Assistant Management Accountant
Bethany Parsons, PhD Candidate PhD Candidate in Classics
Prof Mark Parsons Associate Dean for e-Research
Fiona Partridge Client Services Assistant
Scott Partridge
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Dr Paul Parvis Lecturer
Dr Sara Parvis Senior Lecturer in Patristics
Poorya Parvizi PhD Student
Maciej Parys Vet Clinical Lectureship
Magdalena Parys Lecturer in Oncology
Marie-Helene Passat Part-time Laboratory Technician
Pauline Patel School Secretary
Fiona Paterson Institute Secretary for Institute for Education, Community and Society (IECS)
Dr Gavin Paterson Senior Lecturer in Molecular and Applied Microbiology
Gillian Paterson Undergraduate Administrator
Dr Jessie Paterson Lecturer in Student Learning