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Name Role Business unit(s)
Mr Nikolas Ringas
Sian Ringrose Business Development Executive
Valentina Rioseco Vallejos
Bastien Rioux MD, MSc, FRCPC
Adrian Ritchie Senior Research Assistant
Claire Ritchie Secondment Teaching Fellow (Chemistry)
Lisa Ritchie Events and Funding Officer
Mark Ritchie Deputy Director of Applications & Head of Project Services
Sarah Lane Ritchie PhD Candidate in Science and Religion (Systematic Theology)
Jonathan Rittmo PhD Psychology
Amy Riva 1st Opinion RVN
Michele Riva Service Manager
Raquel Rivas-Rojas Tutor in Spanish
Karim Rivera Lares PhD Psychology
Irfa Rizwan
Mr Cesare Rizzo Learning Technician
Dr Roberto Rizzo Post-doctoral Research Associate
Mrs Antonia Robb SEBI Administrator and PA for Professor Andy Peters.
Chris Robb Teaching Technician
Jeremy Robbins Forbes Chair of Hispanic Studies