Rene Winkler

Thesis title: The Origins of Museums in Scotland - Robert Sibbald's "Auctarium Musaei Balfouriani" [Preliminary title]


BA (Hons) Natural Sciences (Chemistry) - The Open University

MA (Hons) History - The University of Edinburgh

MSc History - The University of Edinburgh -- Dissertation title "Critical Collecting - Expressing Expertise in Early Modern Conchology"

Undergraduate teaching


The Historian's Toolkit 2019/2020

The Historian's Toolkit 2020/2021

Research summary

I am interested in the history of early modern science, collecting and museums. My PhD project is looking at the way in which the collecting of natural history specimens in Scotland c.1700 led to the generation, distribution and questioning of knowledge about nature. 

Papers delivered

August 2020 -   European Society for the History of Science Conference [Online] "Robert Sibbald's Auctarium Musæi Balfouriani and the role of museums and collecting in the making of natural scientific knowledge during the early Scottish Enlightenment"

November 2020 - Material and Visual Culture Seminar Series [Online] "Collecting Scottish Nature: Robert Sibbald and the goose barnacle myth"