Rebecca Reynolds

Personal Chair of Metabolic Medicine and Dean International, College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine

  • Centre for Cardiovascular Science

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Queens Medical Research Institute
Edinburgh Bioquarter
47 Little France Crescent

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EH16 4TJ

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Current PhD students supervised

Dr Niamh McLennan (Tommy's and British Heart Foundation Funded PhD)

Dr Emily Frier (NHS Lothian Funded MD)

Jazz Kirkwood (Medical Research Scotland Funded PhD)

Irfa Rizwan (Pakistan Scholarship Funded PhD)

Dr Kathryn Hunt (British Heart Foundation Funded PhD)

Research summary

My research focuses on a life-course approach to prevention of non-communicable diseases. My research

a) uses healthcare-record data-linkage and cohort studies to document the consequences of a mother’s health in pregnancy on the health of next and future generations;

b) dissects underpinning mechanisms through experimental medicine studies embedded within clinical practice; 

c) tests novel interventions to improve pregnancy outcomes in clinical trials.

Affiliated research centres

Project activity

For details of our current projects please see:

Edinburgh Pregnancy Research Team | Edinburgh Pregnancy Research Centre

Current project grants

2023-2025 Wellcome Leap In Utero Programme; £1,248,894
I-test: Novel Retinal Biomarkers In Pregnancy For Early Prediction Of Stillbirth – proof of concept study (RM Reynolds PI)

2023-2026 Medical Research Council Partnership Grant; £1,400,000
MIREDA - (Mother And Infant Research Electronic Data Analysis) Partnership (RM Reynolds Co-I)

2023-2023 Wellcome Leap seedling award; £447,831
I-test: Novel Retinal Biomarkers In Pregnancy For Early Prediction Of Stillbirth – proof of concept study (RM Reynolds PI)

2023-2027 Medical Research Council UKRI Programme Grant; £2,563,001
Preterm birth as a determinant of neurodevelopment and cognition in children: mechanisms and causal evidence. (RM Reynolds Co-I).

2022-2026 NIHR Global Health Research Group on Improving Quality of Maternal Healthcare in Africa. (RM Reynolds Co-I) £2,993,136

2021-2024 Medical Research Council ; £1,122,786
Born In Scotland in The 2020s - Pilot Study (RM Reynolds PI)

2021-2023 Economic and Social Research Council; £1,518,939
Early Life Cohort Feasibility Study (ELC-FS) (RM Reynolds Co-I)

2021-2023 Chief Scientist Office, Scotland; £386,397
Proof-Of-Concept For Using A Novel Formulation Of Metformin (Metformin Delayed Release) To Optimise Treatment Of Gestational Diabetes (RM Reynolds PI)

2021-2025 NIHR Efficacy Mechanisms and Evaluation program; £460,028
Infant hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis responses following antenatal corticosteroids and perinatal outcomes (RM Reynolds PI)

2021-2025 NIHR Health Technology Assesment (HTA) Program; £1,897,454
STOPPIT-3 – Antenatal corticosteroids for planned twin births (RM Reynolds Co-I)

2021-2025 Medical Research Scotland; £198,287
Data-driven personalised care for Gestational Diabetes (RM Reynolds PI)

2021-2023 Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council; £809,729
High Resolution Mass Spectrometry To Enhance Hormonal Profiling Across The Lifespan (RM Reynolds Co-I)

2019-2024 British Heart Foundation Research Excellence Award; £3,000,000 (RM Reynolds Co-I)

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Marisa Magennis: Project Manager

Carlos Sanchez-Soriano: Postdoctoral research fellow

Jayne Brady: Senior Laboratory Technician

Shona Low: Senior Research Midwife

Em Thompson: Research Midwife

Indira Kemp: Research Midwife

Sarah Donaldson: Research Midwife

Jess Thompson: Research Midwife

Marie Heritage: Research Midwife

Annie Jones: Research Midwife

Wendy Mak: Research Practitioner

Bee Nagy: Laboratory Technician