Rania Amalia Djojosugito

Thesis title: Crash of the Satellite: An analysis of the regulation of atmospheric re-entry of spacecrafts/space debris in Outer Space Law


Rania is a PhD researcher from Indonesia, passionate about understanding the regulation of activities and uses of outer space. Her interests are multifaceted, ranging from privacy and data protection, to obligations set for space exploration. She is in a never ending journey to understand the complexities that technology present to the betterment of humanity. 


Rania holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and a Master of Law in Innovation Technology and Law from the University of Edinburgh where she focused her master’s dissertation on user control in menstrual tracking applications against the General Data Protection Regulation. 

Research summary

outer space law; environmental law; human rights law; data protection and privacy law

Current research interests

Intersection and Interaction of Outer Space Law against 'earth-based' Environmental International Laws. What laws currently exist on regulating the re-entry of objects from space and are they sufficient in addressing the growing environmental effects of re-entry.

Past research interests

Data protection and Privacy